Investor Relations

Increase your visibility to Investors

Many companies need to focus on working and advancing their companies. UCS Advisors is the premier independent investor relations advisory firm, connecting undervalued, emerging companies with independent portfolio managers and accredited individual investors, as well as help to develop your company’s pitch deck, design and implement a proper communications program, such as press releases, webinars, and shareholder conference calls, to properly and effectively communicate your message to the public.

A public company is like a living organism which is constantly changing.  You need to have someone constantly overlooking and ensuring the public knows how your company is growing and evolving.  This is where UCS Advisors comes in to help continuously strive to maximize the ongoing corporate visibility and market capitalization of clients though a comprehensive, multi-tier proactive program.

The UCS Advisors monthly seminars to our staff has brought us to a new level of ‘GREATNESS’! Their monthly meeting has really empowered our managers with proper leadership skills and our sales team has learned numerous new techniques to secure sales leads. In less than five months, UCS has helped increase our gross revenue by over 42%

Ashley G. General Manager, MA and Associates

Microcap Companies

Between people’s pre-fixed ideas about the microcap sector, receiving random phone calls and emails from solicitors, working on a limited budget, and trying to communicate to your shareholders and investors, dealing with government regulation …  there are NOT enough hours in a day to do it all.   PLUS, if your company is in the Cannabis Sector, you have even more of an uphill battle to get your message across to the investor community.   A microcap company is NOT expected to have the budget to hire a full-time Investor Relations Firm, and truth be told, many companies do not need a full-time I.R. firm.  However, the reality is 99% of companies who do not have a proper Investor Relations team in place, tend to lose out on securing new investors, new shareholders, and eventually their company becomes “flat lined”.


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Ideas, Ideas, and more Ideas. They helped give us so many things to think about. UCS Advisors is the true well-rounded business advisory company. They assisted us in so many different aspects from sales leads to business operations to human resources to learning how to develop our sales pitch… these are just a handful of the services they provided to us.

Ariel Morgan President of Maxine + Morgan