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At UCS Advisors, our goal is to help you make money and with our long-standing experience of investor relations our investors have been happy with their returns and our recommendations.

“Dr David and the UCS Advisor Team, thank you for making my first alternative investment experience a GREAT one!   You made the process very easy and enjoyable.  I made more money with you in the past 12 months than I did with my financial advisor for the past several years.  Looking forward to doing more investment deals with UCS Advisors.”

  • Brian Watkins

“I do not often write reviews. However, as Dr. David Cunic of UCS Advisors, has had a significant impact on my life recently, I feel a review to share my experience is warranted.

As a generally preoccupied surgeon, I generally do not dedicate a great deal of time researching my investments in stocks and real estate. I often go on some facts, some intuition, and some guidance, and often perform reasonably well, with some great winners and losers along the way.

I was introduced to Dr. David and his investment opportunity through a mutual friend, and therefore had an inherent level of trust. But, Dr. David took the lead from there, clearly laying out the case for this specially selected investment and why it had so many ideal layers of potential along with safety.

I took the on the investment again based on some facts, some intuition, and David’s guidance. 18 months later, and I am still gawking at the 500% return in my bank account, just as presented.

In the last few weeks there was a discrepancy in the funds distribution. Although disconcerting at the time, David was on the phone with me daily, orchestrating the most efficient delivery of return. His customer service was: A++

I hope someone out there reads this and extends him the same trust I rightfully did.”

  • Dr. Jason Hecht

“I have been an investor in the cannabis and hemp industry for 5+ years. Investments were difficult to find as this industry was still emerging from its infancy stage and the political climate was extremely unstable.  Thus, it was very difficult to find an investment which had trustworthy, experienced executives and a solid business plan. With the help of UCS Advisors, they were able to find me an investment opportunity which met my goals while still giving me peace of mind with my investment.  I look forward to doing more investments with UCS Advisors.”

  • Dr. Craig Leivent

“I cannot recommend Dr. David and his UCS team enough.  My ROI has been consistent, and I can’t wait to see where my money goes next.  His ROI program is a perfect fit for a novice investor like me.”

  • Michelle Matthews

“I have been extremely pleased with my experience so far with UCS Advisors.  My return on investment from 2019 was paid out in full.  My return on investment from 2020 was paid out in full.   I recently participated in their 20% ROI program which was paid out a few months ahead of schedule.  Currently, I now have family and friends who are now also investing in there 30% ROI program. I look forward to having my 2021 investments being met this year and increasing my investment in the next opportunity that UCS Advisors presents to me.”

  • Christine Antico

“Great Opportunities!  I am so happy with my previous investments with UCS.  Not only were they profitable, but Dr David was completely transparent all along the way.  That factor makes giving your hard earned money to someone a lot easier.”

  • Israel Bornstein

“I am not a big investor, I am not someone who plays the market, rather I am a simple man who knows a good deal when I see one.  I have invested with UCS Advisors for 3+ years now.   I have done well with Dr. David and UCS Advisors in the past and still continue to do well.  I recommend his ideas and his thoughts are phenomenal.”

  • Marco Maniace

“I went against my financial advisor’s advice back in 2020.   He wanted me to ‘stay the course’, BUT… I told him that staying the course is NOT MAKING ME MONEY!  I told my financial advisor I had the opportunity to make 20% ROI in 12 months.   He told me not to do it; it would be a waste of my time and money.   So I told my advisor why not take 10% of my investment portfolio and put it with UCS Advisors.  Let’s see what they can do.   Well, I am the one who is getting the last laugh here…  I made my 20% ROI in less than a year; while my other investments in my portfolio were average, as usual.  UCS Advisors made this investment simple and easy.   They get on the phone and actually talk to me instead of sending constant emails and text messages.   I would recommend UCS Advisors to other investors looking to invest in the cannabis sector.”

  • Joe Scarpati

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