UCS Advisors offers a custom pricing schedule based on your needs. Our packages range from hourly sessions (which can be pre-paid for up to 10 hours of service) or flat rate monthly fees (starting at three months)

We pride ourselves on having affordable rates to ensure that each client can maximize their return on investment.

For our Investor Relations and Networking Expert hourly services, we charge a rate of $325/hour with a minimum of 2 hours.  We also offer a 10 hour pre-pay package for $2,350.00 (which brings the cost down by over 25% per hour, $235/hour.)

Many UCS Clients select the 10 hours of service as it comes with a refund policy for unused hours within the first 6 months or if you are not satisfied with our services.

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The main reason why we hired UCS Advisors was for their conflict resolution skills. We were facing some major obstacles and potentially damaging problems. Their team gave us great suggestions and ideas that we implemented immediately. The end result: our Board only wished we had hired them sooner. UCS Advisors has helped to take our company to next level.

Dena Moscola CEO, Resolutions Coaching and Training