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At UCS Advisors, we empower businesses with the financial agility to navigate their goals. We believe in helping clients turn their ideas into outcomes. UCS Advisors has the experience and agility to help our clients become VISIBLE, maximize PROFIT, and achieve GREATNESS. Here is just a small sampling of some of our client testimonials who have successfully employed UCS Advisors for their hourly advisory services, pitch deck review, and capital raising services.

“Dr David is a true innovator and a pleasure to work with. On top of being smart, hard working and reliable, David is also generous. He’s always willing to go the extra mile for clients and friends. I admire his willingness to help others achieve greatness and I especially enjoy his many catchphrases and golden nuggets of wisdom.”

  • Mike Zaytsev, Founder of “The Cannabis Business Coach”

“I met Dr. David during an entrepreneur conference and learned so much that I had to set up a follow up call with him. The follow up call was EVERYTHING! He gave me real advice and did not sugar coat anything. I learned so much within an hour and I wish it could’ve gone longer. Dr. David is very insightful and I am supper appreciative of him, his team, and their services. I feel more confident than before. Truly the best of the best.” 

  • Cherita Marks, Publicity Assistant at Paramount Pictures

“I have been an hourly client of UCS for awhile now. David has been instrumental in helping my teams to build and grow multiple businesses over the last several years. We first met about five years ago when I signed up for his introduction to fundraising course, and he has been an invaluable resource ever since throughout my entrepreneurial journey. I know that I can count on Dr. David to tell it to me straight and guide me in the right direction. He is knowledgeable, energetic, and reliable. I would highly recommend his services to businesses of any stage.”

  • Danielle Smith, Women Owned Business (WBE)

“David and I have known each other for over 10 + years at this point now. I met David when he was the owner of his physical therapy clinics and now as the owner of U.C.S. Advisors. Dr. David has always been supportive of me and my endeavors and has always been there to offer advice when I needed it. I have often referred clients and business associates to David because he is passionate about the work he does and the people he helps. He is a dynamic speaker and motivator as well as a generous networker. David also cares intensely about those that he works with, and his hourly services are a bargain of a price. Dr. David is also a person that is always willing to teach and inspire which is why I will always support and recommend Dr. David to anyone who needs his help and services.”

  • Chris Vaglio, Founder of Rock It Growth Agency 

“Make no mistake; David Cunic is hands down, one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  His UCS Advisor’s team is 100% professional. Under the gravity of the situation that we were in, David and his team rose above to transform our organization. Smart, savvy and forward thinking sum up the tremendous assets David and his team possess and will lend to any organization.”

  • Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of Originclear

“I came to Dr. David after meeting him at a NECANN event in Boston.  Dr. David was very insightful at the event but something that resonated with me was his offer to help if we ever needed it in the future. When I reached out months later, not only did David remember me, he was quick to find time to have a discussion. Dr. David provided insights as to where I was struggling, he also gave me real-life examples of his success to solidify his point. After that discussion, it was evident that I needed UCS Advisors as my advisor.  I then became an hourly client of Dr. David’s and still continue to be one.   I recommend his 10 hour prepay package as it is cost-efficient, and they work around my schedule.  Their services have saved me from wasting lots of money on other sources that I was not ready for yet.   I appreciate their knowledge and willingness to help me and my company on our journey.”

  • Dylan Hirsch, Otto Medica Company

“David and his team at U.C.S Advisors and Investor Relations, have been extremely helpful to us in navigating the very complex and rapidly changing cannabis market place. He has helped us work through our fundraising and investor relations strategies, and understanding the nuances of this relatively new class of investor.”

  • Philip Silverman, CEO of Berkshire Kind

“We engaged with the UCS Advisor team as we were having difficulty with securing investors for our cannabis opportunity.   We were recommended by them to start off with their 10 hour service package.  I admit I was hesitant at first, but within 10 hours: they reviewed our investor materials, made key suggestions, coached us on how to present our investment material better, and even had us rehearse our pitch several times with them as well as other accredited investors to practice on.  The results speak for themselves as we are now funded.”

  • Rich Ehrlich, Iconic Wellness

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